Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

Vets are good and inexpensive. However, like the people hospitals, facilities are not as nice and US. - Feb 2012

Decent. 24 hour emergency services are available. Vets are shockingly cheap compared to the US. - Nov 2011

I am told it is good. - Aug 2011

Great. Kennels are expensive but vet care is much cheaper than in the US. - Mar 2011

The vets are cheap here, and the quality is excellent. - Jan 2011

Poles LOVE animals. They will be very well cared for. - Dec 2010

Available and good quality. Warsaw is very pet friendly. - Aug 2009

Excellent pet care is available in Poland, especially for dogs. Poles love dogs! We take our dog to a kennel in Konstancin and they take care of him as if he were there own. - Jun 2008

I have been pretty impressed with the level of pet care here. This is a very pet friendly country. All kinds of pet food and supplies can be found on the local market, ableit a bit more expensive than in the States. I'm not sure about kennels though. - Apr 2008

I know my neighbor takes their dogs to a kennnel in Mokotow when they go out of town. - Feb 2008


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