Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is good, as is dental care. Complicated pregnancies generally require medical evacuation, but that's mostly due to language barrier issues, not because the healthcare system cannot handle issues that may arise. - Oct 2021

Medical was very good. We needed everything under the sun there; ER visits, dentist, MRI, eye doctor, Polish pediatrician, allergist, bloodwork etc etc. They were all good and we had no issues. The med unit helps you set up anything you might need. Many people medevac for pregnancy deliveries, although I knew three people who delivered babies in Poland. - Jan 2021

No major health concerns except air pollution (see next question). Good quality medical care in English is available at some private clinics. - Sep 2019

Medical care is fare, but people were still medevaced for some things. Very good and affordable dental care, for example. No real local health issues. - May 2018

No, good expat medical and dental care. Some choose to leave for childbirth while others stay. - Apr 2018

Many still burn coal here (it is worse in Krakow though). Many have seasonal allergies here if they have them in the US. For medical evacuation you go to Germany...there tends to be no surgery or procedures authorized in Poland for the US military. The American Clinic at Medicover in Nowy Wilanow is the best as well as Dr. Dorota (get contact information from US Embassy med clinic). - Dec 2016

I've been happy with the health and dental care so far, though I fortunately haven't needed much. Dental and orthodontic care is considered to be a major bargain. - Mar 2016

Seasonal affective disorder is a thing here. Hospitals are fine. - Sep 2015

There aren't many serious health concerns, other than seasonal illnesses such as the cold and flu. Medical care is generally pretty good for diplomats and expats, and there are a lot of very skilled and highly-trained medical professionals here. I wish I could get the same high quality dental care and prices in the U.S. that I get here in Poland. I know a lot of people who've chosen to have their children born here in Poland and are quite pleased with the overall level of care and facilities. There are lots of 24-hour pharmacies here as well, so it's not a problem getting a prescription filled. Expect to have to speak to a pharmacist for just about anything other than band-aids and basic vitamins. They see themselves as quasi-doctors here so you need to explain what the problem is and they'll get it for you from behind their counter. - Nov 2014

Medical care is said to be good. Facilities can be a little daunting to look at and sometimes language can make communication difficult. Embassy medevacs to London for surgeries. I know several women who've opted to have their babies here and had good experiences. Care is less expensive than the US. Dentist care is pretty good for basic things and orthodontia. - Feb 2012

Several modern private hospitals with high technology services. One family member was hospitalized in a local public hospital which was spartan, but very competent. Costs are very reasonable. - Nov 2011

None. Healthcare is great and cheap. Medicover is a new, full-service hospital in the Wilanow neighborhood. - Mar 2011

Medical care is fine. - Jan 2011

Emergency care is pretty good, as I understand it. Amulances arrive quickly and will save your life. If you have something less serious, it will be OK, although you will probably hope someone will bring you some decent food (from what I understand). Some go to UK/Germany for a second opinion or for chronic issues. - Dec 2010

I haven't been impressed with the experiences others have had with broken bones here. - Feb 2010

I would say driving is the number one health risk, since Polish driving habits, coupled with horrible Polish roads, make for a very hazardous situation. Medical care is available for routine procedures, but if you need something major, go to London. I have recently heard that some people have had some bad experiences with dental care as well. - Aug 2009

I would not recommend Polish hospitals, which can seem grim. Private doctors are excellent and there are dentists everywhere that are highly recommended. I take my son to a doctor in Wilanow and he is excellent and usually makes appointments for the same day. There are also several doctors who make house calls. - Jun 2008

Medical care is available but not necessarily to the level of American health care (which may in fact not be a bad thing come to think of it). Basic things can be done here (eyecare, dental, etc.). Fortunately for us we have a medical facility at the Embassy with good medical staff. - Apr 2008

It seems decent but a little behind. - Feb 2008


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