Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Formal dress may be required depending on what's going on that day. However, slacks and a tie were generally fine for many functions. - Oct 2021

Poles dress very formal and nice. You could pick us out of the crowd as Americans. Embassy dress code varied. - Jan 2021

People in Warsaw are fairly well-dressed (European-style). Women often wear high heels. People certainly dress up more than they would in Canada. - Sep 2019

Business professional to business casual, depending on the job. - May 2018

Suits and ties for men. Appropriate business apparel for women. - Apr 2018

Women dress nice here all the time. You do see jeans but not with tennis shoes. The Polish women are very serious about their looks. Formal dress for attaches for sure, it is a busy posting. There is the marine ball but attaches attend 2-3 balls. - Dec 2016

At work, just like the States. On the streets, people dress maybe a little more formally than Americans, except for in the (brief) summer, when they dress exactly like Americans. Shorts, sandals, t-shirts, sundresses. - Mar 2016

Stylish. - Sep 2015

Poles are generally quite formal at work so expect to wear a suit, or coat and tie for men, and similar dress for women in the office. In public, Poles dress well overall so if you dress shabbily you can expect to receive shabby treatment. Eurofashion is quite popular here... I often feel I am in the U.S. when I see the way young people dress out in public with their friends or in school. I can see that the hip hop culture is quite popular here, as are sports jerseys and baseball caps. - Nov 2014

Normal western business attire is expected. - Feb 2012

Less formal than I would have thought. - Nov 2011

Business casual to business. - Aug 2011

Most Poles dress more business-like: standard European styles. There are always exceptions, but most tend to look a lot more professional. - Aug 2011

My husband wears a tie a lot. They dress above business casual. - Mar 2011

Just like any other European city. - Jan 2011

Standard business/business casual. - Dec 2010

Business dress. - Feb 2010

The usual American/European professional at work. Outside, whatever you want. - Aug 2009

At the embassy it is suits and ties. Polish women tend to dress very nicely and follow trends. In business situations, Poles dress to impress, especially young men who favor expensive suits with a European cut. - Jun 2008

Formal at work, on the street, euro-chic. - Apr 2008

Business. - Feb 2008

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