Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

With COVID, parks and other outdoor venues are the places people socialize. Summers have lots of outdoor seating, so people will socialize outside at various cafes and restaurants throughout the spring, summer, and fall. - Oct 2021

Lots to do in the city! International meet ups, trivia nights, bars, clubs. - Jan 2021

Attending festivals, events and activities. Participating in sports. Working with locals. Joining language tandems and pub trivia nights. There are expat groups on Facebook, including the very popular "Warsaw Social". Another great resource is the website "Odd Urban Things Warsaw". - Sep 2019

Eating out, gatherings, school functions, sports (tennis, running groups), opera/symphony are affordable, the Embassy bar after work on Fridays, concerts, etc. There is plenty to do. - May 2018

Neighborhoods, embassy events, through the schools. - Apr 2018

There is IWG international womens group, the CLO has activities, ladies get together in groups for activities, many like to Polish pottery shop and visit the vast amount of restaurants, there is the American Friends of Warsaw (but they changed their name this year), you can be involved as much as you want to be. - Dec 2016

Dining out, primarily. In the American embassy community there are happy hours, wine nights, trivia nights, CLO coffees, etc. The expat organizations also arrange dinners, wine and cheese events, and tours. I have been pretty busy here. - Mar 2016

Again, no shortage of restaurants, clubs, movie theaters,etc. in Warsaw. You are only limited by your imagination and how extroverted you want to be. People often host parties at their homes but it's not like other countries where entertainment options are limited outside the house. There are several expat bars where English is commonly spoken, and which are popular places to go watch certain sports on a big screen. Several bars show American football on Sunday evenings, and of course there is always no limit to the amount of soccer/football being show on TV at any time. - Nov 2014

There are several expat groups that organize social events. Much socializing contact made through work or the school. Entertaining at homes or restaurants is common. - Feb 2012

Restaurants, movies (with original language as an option), clubs in downtown, cafes, indoor and outdoor playgrounds for children, parks, great zoo, botanical gardens, castles, art, history museums, lots of concerts (including free outdoor in summer). - Nov 2011

A lot of night life, if you like that sort of thing. - Aug 2011

There is lots to see and do. Enjoy yourself but don't get too stupid. Remember safety, dont drink and drive, and if you walk, be careful when crossing streets -- drivers don't care one bit about you, as it's all about them and their goal to reach the grave in the fastest, most expedient way. - Aug 2011

Great. - Mar 2011

The best is in Krakow. - Jan 2011

There's always something going on. Clubs, restaurants, some new bar, a film festival, philosophy discussions, christmas markets, music festivals. If, somehow, you get bored with that, you can travel the region on budget airlines for virtually nothing - or hop on a train for a weekend in Berlin, Prague or Budapest, for example. - Dec 2010

It can be hard to make close Polish friends. Most people here have had the same social circle since childhood and it can be tough to break the ice. Amongst Americans, there's a lot of eating out, dinner parties, etc. - Feb 2010

Concerts, parties, clubs, festivals, movie theaters, etc. Again, you name it, they have it. - Aug 2009

There is quite a bit entertaining, between dinner parties, Marine House parties and happy hours. There is also a group called American Friends in Warsaw and they have many activities. - Jun 2008

As previously written, Warsaw is chock-full of things to do. Depending on what you want to do you can do it. Poles tend to be a bit reserved and it is difficult to break into their circles, but once you are in them, they can be the best of friends. - Apr 2008

Lots of parties and clubs. - Feb 2008


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