Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

It seems pretty good. Living is good and safe. I've only met several people who truly didn't like it, and that was really just bad attitude on their part. - Feb 2012

Poor to good depending. - Aug 2011

Great. - Mar 2011

OK, I guess. - Jan 2011

Mostly good. Some people hate it here - if you focus on the weather and the roads you will, too. If you make the most of the great things about it, you'll have a ball. - Dec 2010

It really varies. I love it here, but some others take issue with the winters, the customer service, the ugly Stalinist architecture, etc. You definitely have to make an effort here to go out and find things and figure them out, but it's an effort worth making. - Feb 2010

Overall, I would say that it is pretty good. Post did go through a recent period where morale dropped (in my section it really dropped) which I attribute to a couple of bad apples in the bunch. While some of these people still exist at post, thankfully with the influx of new people, the toxic influence of these people has been severely limited. So if you like to work hard and enjoy being social, and do not like to start drama or complain all the time, Warsaw is the place for you. Those that get out of the AFN-Commisary-Hard Rock Cafe tend to have the most fun in Warsaw. Warsaw -- in fact all of Poland -- has so much to offer. Take advantage of it! - Aug 2009

Morale is very high except for the first few weeks of darkness in winter when everyone is a little down. Or maybe that's just me. - Jun 2008

Warsaw is a medium sized embassy which is good and bad. Good in the fact that you are not forced to associate with everyone at the embassy if you don't want to, but bad in the fact that there really isn't a strong family community as you would get at smaller posts. By and large people tend to do their own things here. There is an interesting mix of people here from those who have served around the world and are totally comfortable with expat living, to the first time off the boat people who only buy their food at the commisary and watch AFN without getting out and seeing all that Warsaw and Poland have to offer. It depends on which section you work in-the morale in the section I work in, while not superb, is much better than what I have heard morale is like in other sections. Overall,I would say that while not perfect, morale here is medium, but leaps and bounds better than where I was before. - Apr 2008

Generally good. Best in summer. - Feb 2008

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