Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

It's decently-sized. Morale was fine. Expats not attached to the embassy tended to generally be pretty happy and enjoy their time in Warsaw, too. You may have to hunt a bit, but if you're working at the embassy and looking for expat friends outside of that community, they're around. - Oct 2021

The embassy community is large but not huge. You didn’t know everyone but usually at least knew of them. Everyone loves Poland! I only knew one person who didn’t. - Jan 2021

There is a growing expat community in Warsaw, particularly among young professionals from Portugal, Spain, Italy, and other European countries with high unemployment rate. Morale among expats is generally good, especially as there are so many festivals/events/activities happening all the time. Among Canadian diplomats, as Warsaw is not considered a hardship post, diplomats do not stick to themselves that much, and most enjoy branching out and making friends with other expats and locals alike. - Sep 2019

Quite a few expats from various countries and generally high morale. A handful of people on repeat assignments having served there on a previous tour, for example. I had a friend at the Swedish Embassy who chose to stay in Warsaw during a 6-month parental leave rather than going back home. Many people are very sad to leave! - May 2018

Fairly large and good. - Apr 2018

Warsaw is cheap to fly in and out of, many travel all the time especially during school breaks. Ursynow has more stay-at-home-moms with children under the age of 5 and there is a play group. I would say morale is OK, not the best, it is a busy embassy with a lot going on. - Dec 2016

Huge expat community, morale generally good, though not great (especially in winter!) There are several expat organizations which help a lot. I belong to the International Women's Group of Warsaw (which is not limited to women, though it is mostly women) and participate in several activities through that group. There is also an American Friends of Warsaw group that is equally active. I am sure there are other organizations targeting other groups of expats, I just haven't explored it any further. - Mar 2016

Medium - a few thousand - but everyone loves it here. - Sep 2015

The expat community is quite large here - lots of diplomats, Eurocrats and business people. I would say the morale is excellent, as there is a lot to see and do and people are generally very friendly and happy with the way things are. There are lots of organizations for expats here, with the usual assortment of international women's clubs, American Friends of Warsaw, Hash House Harriers, etc. There is so much to see and do, and Poland is so much more cosmopolitan these days than in the past, that people don't necessarily see or feel a need to seek out and hang out exclusively with other expats. - Nov 2014

Medium I suppose, but it's easy to move around the city and not see them. It's a big city. - Feb 2012

Fairly sizable in Warsaw. Lots of dips and business folks, but this doesn't mean you'll be running into them frequently in a city of 2 million, particularly outside the city center. - Nov 2011

Large but most folks do their own thing. - Aug 2011

Large. The American Friends of Warsaw and the International Women's Group are very active and provide a lot of opportunities for tours and social events. - Mar 2011

It is big. - Jan 2011

Medium. Lots of expats are married to locals who keep more to themselves (generally). Others are usually pretty keen to meet others and make friends. - Dec 2010

HUGE! Many people have come to Poland as students, expat workers, etc. and have created a very international atmosphere. I have met some people from as far away as Trinidad, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan and Iraq here -- and all love it here! - Aug 2009

Fairly large with lots of different countries represented in government and in private industry. There is a lot of building in Warsaw and it brings development companies from all over. - Jun 2008

Huge. Warsaw is a major commerical/diplomatic hub so you have a lot of folks from everywhere. There are at least several thousand Americans in Warsaw, and even more outside. - Apr 2008

Big but manageable. - Feb 2008

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