Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

What English-language religious services are available locally?

Yes, I'm aware of Catholic, Protestant, and LDS services. Unsure about others. Conservative English-speaking protestant services were not available. - Oct 2021

There are a few non-denominational international churches and Catholic Churches. - Jan 2021

A few around without digging too deep. - May 2018

International and English language churches are in Warsaw. Some Polish churches sometimes offer an English service from time to time. - Apr 2018

International Christian Community, Latter Day Saints, and Catholic Mass at St. Paul's English Speaking Community at noon every Sunday, with PRECANA, RCIA and religious education for children 1-8th grade to include FHC and Confirmation. - Dec 2016

We don't attend church, so I can't be specific, but I know that there are some services. - Mar 2016

Definitely Catholic. I believe also Jewish. Not sure otherwise. - Sep 2015

There is an English-speaking Catholic church that is quite popular. I'm not sure about other religions. - Nov 2014

There are some. - Feb 2012

Available. - Aug 2011

Yes. - Mar 2011

Don't know. - Jan 2011

There is one English-language christian service, as I understand it. - Dec 2010

Given the large number of English speaking expats here, I would think so. - Aug 2009

There is an English mass and a Christian church that is very well-attended. I believe there is also a small Mormon congregation. - Jun 2008

All kinds I believe for all of your religious groups. - Apr 2008

There is an international church in Old Town with an English service as well as a Catholic Church and Lutheran Church. - Feb 2008


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