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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

We paid approximately US $325/week for a housekeeper that also helped with our children. Others paid similar rates. She was a lifesaver and we miss her very much. - Oct 2021

It’s very cheap. Lots of people used a cleaning service. We were actually in the minority that didn’t and regret it because it was so cheap. Many people also have full time nannies that cook, clean, and pick up children from school/preschool. - Jan 2021

Household help is cheaper than in Canada, but not at cheap as in many other parts of the world. Many expatriates employ a weekly house cleaner for about 50 PLN/hour. Cleaners are often Ukrainian, not Polish, and so a language barrier may exist. - Sep 2019

Quite affordable. Roughly 40-50 USD for a full day. Many people had one-day-a-week type help. - May 2018

I am aware that some families have household help, but no personal experience. - Apr 2018

About 20-25 pln/hour for cleaning and childcare, most have a cleaning lady once a week. - Dec 2016

I don't employ anyone, but practically everyone else I know has a cleaning lady. I don't know the exact cost, but I am sure it is very affordable, and good help seems to be easy to find. - Mar 2016

Reasonable for once-a-week cleaning (about $40). Full time housekeeping and childcare are also available. - Sep 2015

Domestic help if readily available and affordable. It's usually best to talk to people around your office and find somebody they recommend. It's not cheap but then if you want cheap you get what you pay for.... Most "panis" don't speak much English so be prepared to pay more for somebody who does. - Nov 2014

Housekeepers are inexpensive. About $7 or $8 per hour. Mine comes once a week stays all day and does the laundry and ironing too, which is great because dry cleaning is very expensive. You can find full-time help if you need it. Good people get snatched up quickly. - Feb 2012

We hire a very competent house cleaner for 25 zloty per hour, but you can find cheaper, particularly if you are willing to hire Ukrainians. - Nov 2011

This is expensive here. - Aug 2011

Cheaper than in the US but not dirt cheap. (Around 20zl per hour.) - Mar 2011

Very expensive. This is not Latin America or Eastern Europe, so don't even think about it. - Jan 2011

Good without being great - about 20zl per hour for basic cleaning. - Dec 2010

Very available. And chances are someone's domestic helper is looking for additonal work, so ask around. Cost depends on what you want them to do, and it ranges from 7-10 hours an hour. If you want a live-in domestic helper, that can run around 200 dollars a month. - Aug 2009

It is very available and very good. But it is not cheap, you definitely get what you pay for. We don't employ help, but I think it costs about 15 to 20 zloty an hour. - Jun 2008

We don't have anyone yet, but folks here employ local panies for around 15 zl an hour and up. - Apr 2008

There are a lot of maids that the Embassy approves and they are cheap. - Feb 2008

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