Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Not really, as we kept our home-country plan, but local plans are affordable and easy to use. - Oct 2021

We got a SIM card with a local number and brought our iPhones. Embassy helps you set up the new SIM card. Phone plans are very cheap. - Jan 2021

I brought an unlocked Canadian phone and used a local SIM card from Orange Polska. Local providers are cheaper than in Canada (though to be fair, almost anywhere is cheaper than Canada). For example, Orange offers 55 PLN/month for unlimited data. You also get a certain % of your data available for roaming in other EU countries at no additional cost. - Sep 2019

The local plan worked well. - May 2018

Cheap and plentiful with Orange and Play being the largest providers. Can get service for 3-4 phones for the cost of one in the US. - Apr 2018

Most have PLAY or Orange. It is easy to set up on your own or you can use the ACA service at the embassy to set it up for you. - Dec 2016

I actually tried using a local plan but it was such a hassle--too many options and spam messages and all in Polish--that I just reverted to using my US account. I have T-Mobile which gives me free texting and data in Europe and 20 cents a minute for calls. Since I mostly use texting and internet anyway, this works out much better. Local businesses don't seem to have a problem calling my U.S. number.

If you have a home country plan that allows cheap calls and free data in Poland, I'd recommend trying that before fooling with a local plan. - Mar 2016

Bring an unlocked phone and buy a SIM card from Play or Orange. - Sep 2015

Cell phones are also very affordable and plans are inexpensive. You could get a calling plan but, as in most other countries, it usually requires a two-year contract, etc. It's quite easy to buy a phone and a SIM card here and then just "top off" your account as needed. You can purchase minutes at just about any gas station or other store, but can also do so through that local bank account I talked about earlier. So many ways, and so cheap and easy. Lots of providers here eager for your business, such as Orange, Play, T-Mobile, etc. iPhones are popular but then so are Samsung and others. You can get anything you want here. - Nov 2014

There are several large companies that provide contracts with phones or you can bring an unlocked phone and put in a pay-as-you-go SIM card. I've found pay-as-you-go to be very cheap and reliable. - Feb 2012

GSM phones work just fine. There are several carriers or kiosks where you can get local sim cards. - Nov 2011

Pay as you go cards work well. - Aug 2011

Get something local if you end up staying...Most folks just buy the chip insert with a set amount of cash to use while in country...its cheaper than using Roaming International Charge (which can go upwards from $5/min). - Aug 2011

Unless you really need a data plan, it is cheaper to buy a phone and pay per minute. - Mar 2011

You can buy phone cards anywhere. - Jan 2011

It's fairly straightforward to get a contract with a local provider. - Dec 2010

Cell phones are a pain unless you're assigned one by the Embassy. The pay as you go phones require that you put a certain amount of money on the phone per month, whether or not you actually use the credit, so most people have more credit on their phones than they'll ever be able to use. - Feb 2010

We have found that buying a pay-as-you-go card from any of the many cellphone companies (Heya, Orange, T Mobile, etc.) works best. Plans are also available. - Aug 2009

Embassy employees are given phones and spouses can get them through ACA for a pretty good rate. Other than that, you can get cell phones on any corner in Poland, they are very popular here. - Jun 2008

Get one but get one yourself and not through ACA. Rather than get locked in a very expensive plan (which ACA will gladly do for you), just buy minutes on your card and go from there. I found this to be pretty easy and much cheaper. - Apr 2008

Service is fine and affordable. - Feb 2008

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