Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes, used everywhere. We never really needed that much cash. Google and Apple pay are widely accepted. - Oct 2021

Yes, credit cards widely accepted. Cash is accepted too, we always carried cash around in case. Apple Pay was very big, we were constantly tapping our phones to pay and never swiped our credit card or used the chip machine. - Jan 2021

Credit cards are widely accepted, including with "tap" features. ATMs are common and safe to use. - Sep 2019

Generally worked everywhere. - May 2018

Widely used and have not had an issue anywhere. Wireless devices where cards are run tableside. - Apr 2018

Yes and safe. Farmers markets and other small markets accept cash only. If using a credit card, make sure to pick Polish zlotys for the currency and not USD, you get a better exchange rate with no added fees of 2-5%. - Dec 2016

Credit cards (especially with chips) are accepted almost everywhere. ATMs are plentiful, though maybe not quite as common as in the States.

I don't actually carry much cash here because I prefer to use credit cards. Polish stores never have any change for some reason. It's really weird. Cashiers are always begging you for change, and they hate it when you hand them large bills. So, credit cards are much easier, even for small purchases. - Mar 2016

Never had any problems, but we mostly use cash anyway because it's faster. Fruit stands, some cabs, and lots of small businesses don't take cards. The embassy has a cashier. - Sep 2015

You can use credit cards and ATMs around here very easily. If you bring a credit card I strongly recommend getting one that has the chip in it, as the ones with magnetic strips are increasingly difficult to use in Europe. They're also much more susceptible to being cloned or skimmed. Major stores accept the magnetic strip ones but they're harder to use in restaurants. Lots of credit card companies are dropping the foreign transaction fees they used to charge but be sure to check just in case. I hear occasional stories of cards being skimmed or cloned so you should always be careful about which ATM you use to withdraw money. It's not as big a problem here as it is in other Central and Eastern European countries. It never hurts to keep a close eye on your bank account just to be sure. It's quite easy to open a bank account here as a foreigner and I strongly recommend you do so in order to pay bills for various utilities, etc. Electronic bank transfers are quite common here and it will make your life a lot easier. Of course, you may be subject to paying taxes on interest and you must report it to the IRS come tax time, but it's worth the convenience. - Nov 2014

You can use them all here pretty safely, but as always keep an eye on your accounts. This is a quickly growing economy and the society is quickly shedding its former communist ways. So opportunity brings opportunists. - Feb 2012

ATMs are widespread. Credit cards are accepted at major facilities. Cash for the rest. - Nov 2011

No issues. - Aug 2011

I primarily used them at the hotels. They are safe and easy to use, but you also pay extra fees, depending on your cards. Be aware that NOT all stores/restaurants take credit cards. Check before you get into any odd situation. They don't always have the little logos on the restaurant windows. - Aug 2011

They are everywhere. - Mar 2011

You can use credit cards all over the city. - Jan 2011

ATMs are everywhere. It's not a problem. - Dec 2010

Widely accepted. - Feb 2010

Safe and reliable. ATMs can be found all around town. - Aug 2009

I use it all, and have never had any trouble with fraud so far. There are ATM machines everywhere, although they can charge high fees. - Jun 2008

Can be used everywhere. - Apr 2008

We only exchange at the Embassy monthly. - Feb 2008


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