Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Some difficulty in older areas, but it most of the city was easily accessible. Mass transit is also generally accessible. - Oct 2021

Lots of stairs in the city. There were handicap elevators around but they were very small and very slow. Transportation buses had nice ramps that came down and designated spots for a wheelchair. - Jan 2021

Probably a little. Typical European limitations (few ramps, narrow elevators, cobble stones, etc.). - May 2018

Yes, due to the uneven sidewalks in certain places. Somethings are very accessible while others are not, as it is an older city. - Apr 2018

Yes. Not handicapped friendly at all, and lots of walking is required. Not all buildings have elevators. Old people seem to get around pretty well with canes and walkers, but I can't remember seeing a single wheelchair on the street, ever. That said, taxis and Uber are cheap and plentiful. - Mar 2016

Yes. It's getting better as they try to meet EU standards, but there are a lot of "charmingly" uneven cobblestone sidewalks and 45-degree wheelchair ramps dropped on top of existing staircases. - Sep 2015

Overall I would say they would have a hard time though I've seen improvements over the past five years I've lived here. Don't expect ADA requirements widely enforced. There are lots of handicapped parking spaces and the number is growing. Don't make the mistake of intentionally, or unintentionally, parking in a handicapped space because you'll be quickly towed and made to pay a hefty fine to go along with the towing fees. Sidewalks are uneven and not wheelchair friendly. The Metro system makes a lot of accommodations and it seems Poles in general are helpful to the handicapped. Still, although there are improvements there is still a long way to go. - Nov 2014

Some. Things are continuing to develop, but are nowhere near what you'd be used to in the US. - Feb 2012

It's probably a mixed bag depending on whether the sidewalks have been updated. The buses mostly do "kneel" for wheelchair bound passengers, but a lot of entrances don't seem to accommodate physical disabilities. - Nov 2011

Sidewalks. - Aug 2011

Some locations are tough to get to; disabled-friendly places are not a norm. - Aug 2011

It would be a little difficult but manageable (I think). - Mar 2011

None. - Jan 2011

I think they'd find it quite difficult to get around. Footpaths are dreadful, and many trams/buses still have large gaps to get on. - Dec 2010

It might be a bit difficult - the sidewalks aren't always in great shape, but things are getting better. - Feb 2010

Alhough most apartments and main shopping centers have elevators and disabled-friendly facilities, and the city has many wide sidewalks, Warsaw still has some work to do in order to be completely disabled friendly. - Aug 2009

They would have some difficulties. There are not a lot of elevators and sometimes the sidewalks can be quite uneven. - Jun 2008

Uneven roads and pavement, however I have seen people in wheelchairs and crutches navigate themselves around. - Apr 2008

The sidewalks are under perpetual construction. A lot of older places don't have elevators. Poland is changing fast but still seems behind by comparison to other European countries. - Feb 2008


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