Warsaw - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Unsure, but it was nice for us as a family. Parks are everywhere and many have playgrounds that are suitable for toddlers. - Oct 2021

It’s great for everyone!! - Jan 2021

Yes, it's good for single people (Tinder is popular!), couples and families alike. Lots of events and activities for people of all ages. Relatively safe. Young, vibrant population, especially as young people from smaller Polish cities and from other European countries move here. - Sep 2019

All of the above. All seemed happy. - May 2018

Seems to be good for all groups. - Apr 2018

Singles love the Warsaw life style and everything it has to offer, same with couples and families. - Dec 2016

Families seem pretty happy here due in part to the school community. I think it's a pretty good place for everyone--with the caveat that job opportunities are not that great for spouses who wish to work due in part to the high language hurdle. - Mar 2016

Good for all. I'm married with no kids and we're never bored. There are excellent restaurants, plenty of green space. - Sep 2015

This is a great city for everybody. Poles are very family-oriented and it's reflected in the many things to do around the city. You'll see large, extended families out doing things all the time, and family walks on the weekend are a great Polish tradition. Singles are also very happy here, as there is a lively bar/restaurant/club scene if that's what you like, but also many other things to do if you are looking for something else. There is definitely no shortage of opportunities to meet other singles. Couples also seem happy here for the same reason. There is no lack of things to do and no lack of entertainment and recreation opportunities. - Nov 2014

This is an excellent place for families, couples, and single men who want to date locals. Single women will find their options a little more limited, but still a good spot. - Feb 2012

Good for families. Poles are pretty accepting of children everywhere around town. - Nov 2011

Yes. - Aug 2011

It's a great singles city...especially if you are a drinker or a smoker. They have started getting some bans on smoking, but it's tough to walk from point A to B without running through 20-30 smokers puffing away in bliss -- morning, noon and night. - Aug 2011

I think it is a great place for all. - Mar 2011

It is good more for single guys. - Jan 2011

Yes to all, although single women will probably mainly date within the international community. I don't know any men who've started out single and ended up that way. It's a great place for families - although you'll probably need a break from those long, cold winters. - Dec 2010

Warsaw is most definitely a family post. Right now, there very few singles. Warsaw is a big city so there are lots of things to do, which is great for singles - cultural activities, lots of gyms, classes, bike trails, etc. As far as dating goes, it seems to be a great place for single men but I only know one single woman who dated a Polish man. Most Poles are married by the age of 25, so the older you are, the fewer dating prospects you'll have here. - Feb 2010

Absolutely. It is very hard NOT to find something fun to do here. Single men (and women) have been very successful in finding partners and have left either engaged or married. - Aug 2009

It is good for everyone. Families and couples will find many things to do just in Warsaw. When you factor in the proximity to the rest of Europe, there are almost too many things to do during your time here. Single women may find it challenging to date in Poland but from what I observe the single men are pretty happy. - Jun 2008

Yes, Yes, and Yes. Warsaw is a happening place and there are many a nightclub to get your drink/dance on. The single guys at the embassy have no problem dating here. I'm not sure how it is for single women though. - Apr 2008

There is something to do for everyone here. However, it won't knock at your door. Winter is harder but the warm weather months (May through August) are beautiful. For single guys, there are girls galore. I've heard some loneliness from the single American women of all ages. There is something lonely about Warsaw. - Feb 2008


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