What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

That Hong Kong is relatively small when you're stuck here for months. - Jun 2020

I wish I had known more about the history. - Jul 2018

The pollution and the extra school expenses. - Apr 2016

Didn't appreciate the level of pollution. Also - for anyone with motion sickness: the roads are windy and bus and taxi drivers like to jerk around the curves. - Feb 2015

I wish I had known that the U.S. government was getting rid of the R&R allowance for Hong Kong as this is a huge added expense for families. It is very expensive for our family of five to travel from Hong Kong to the U.S. (or anywhere really) and I am unwilling to remain trapped on this island, exposing my children to constant air and noise pollution, for two to three years. So an R&R of some sort is an expensive necessity that I did not truly grasp until moving here. I wish we were informed of the construction across the street/deficiencies in our building as we would have completed our housing questionnaire differently. - Feb 2015

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