Do you recommend any books or movies about this city/country for those who are interested in learning more?

Vox Borders Season 2 episodes 1 and 2 has a great summary of what is going on here politically. - Jul 2018

Travel channel shows on Hong Kong...such as the layover, booze traveler, I'll have what Phil's having. They give a pretty great glimpse of Hong Kong's highlights. In reality, this is a pretty tiny place. It does not take long to see everything there is to see. - Apr 2016

This is Hong Kong by Miroslav Sasek. Hong Kong & Macau (City Travel Guide) by Andrew Stone, Piera Chen and Wah Chow Chung. - Mar 2012

Many, such as Sampan, Gweilo.. and there are lots of great resources on the web especially from the HK Tourist Board. - Aug 2010

Suzie Wong, Tai Pan, - Jun 2010

Gweilo by Martin Booth. - Jun 2008

My Favourite Wife by Tony Parson (even though it is about Shanghai, it captures the feeling of living in Hong Kong right now) - Jun 2008

New book from Talesmag! Honest and courageous stories of life abroad with special needs.

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