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This is a post of a lifetime! - Mar 2012

Hong Kong is a great city, but it's very odd in some ways. If you come here looking for London or NY, you'll be disappointed. If you come here looking for China, you'll be lost. It's a little bit of everything, while not really being anything. It's also got a big wealth gap problem, and very little middle class. In the area where the consulate and the consulate housing are located, you'll probably feel very poor. - Mar 2012

This is a fabulous place. I am so pleased that I had the opportunity to come here. I'm going to find it hard to leave! - Aug 2010

It's been a great assignment. I've really enjoyed Hong Kong. I wouldn't want to make it my permanent home, but many expats try hard to extend here, or stay on after retiring here. - Jun 2010

If you have read the above, you can see that I am absolutely in love with Hong Kong. Some people get sick of it after 2-3 years but I would still be there if I could!My only advice is if you think the pollution is going to annoy you, or you don't enjoy big cities, I would not come here. Hong Kong is a huge, bustling city but there are a lot of opportunities to go from Central to within one hour be walking on a trail in the mountains, totally alone. It is a fascinating place to be, especially right now, and if you are considering having a child anytime soon, the maternity hospital is supposed to be the nicest in the world!Hope that helps. - Jun 2008

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