Hong Kong - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of organic, vegetarian and allergy-friendly foods are available, such as organic produce, gluten-free products, meat substitutes for vegetarians, etc?

The organic trend is booming in HK right now. There are organic farms in HK that will deliver to your door. They have plenty of markets with organic choices. Even supermarkets like 360 have a ton of organic options. They sell grass-fed beef here and free range everything. You can even take classes on raw foods and there are some organic restaurants. Gluten-free can be found in many places as well. This is the healthiest I have ever eaten since moving here. - Mar 2012

They're not that big on organic here... it's available, but only certain items and very expensive. They really like soy products, so there's plenty of vegetarian and lactose-free foods and products. Not sure about gluten-free or other special products. One thing to be aware of when buying food products here is that HK has its own labelling system, and for some reason they insist on not including everything that is normally on food labels... if you have a particular allergy or sensitivity, you may find yourself frequently standing in the grocery store attempting to peel labels off of boxes to see the original US or UK one. - Mar 2012

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