Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

No. - Jun 2020

Be smart, but this is hands down one of the safest cities I have ever lived in. - Jul 2018

No, just normal common sense. A huge plus for living here is how safe this city is, it's great! - Apr 2016

None - one of the safest cities anywhere. - Feb 2015

No, Hong Kong is very safe. - Feb 2015

Crime does occur in HK, but it is rare to involve a Westerner. I often see children in Central walking around by themselves. I have never had any problems even in some shady prostitute ridden areas like Wan Chai. - Mar 2012

No, it's one of the safest cities I've ever been in. - Mar 2012

No - it's such a safe place to be. I know people who let their teenaged kids go out at times they never would back in their home countries (Australia, UK, etc).There were some incidents last year where someone was dropping amounts of liquid corrosive acid down onto streets -a few people were treated in hospitals, but no one hurt seriously. This was really widely covered in the press. - Aug 2010

None. This place is really, really safe. Even if you lose things in a taxi (wallet, phone), it's commonplace for them to find you and return it to you. - Jun 2010

No security concerns. Hong Kong is probably the safest city in the world. I never felt afraid there - ever - as a woman walking alone, anytime day or night. There aren't a lot of cities in the world that are like that anymore. The locals sometimes talk about getting pickpocketed but I never heard of (or saw) anything like that happening. - Jun 2008

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