What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

Best to buy one here, as it is right-hand drive. - Jun 2020

Unless you are on the south side of the island you generally won't need a car. That being said, having one is a great way to go to the beach, stores, exploring the country parks, etc. I wouldn't have found as many amazing places as I did without one. Gas is expensive here, the roads are generally ok to good, parking is not as hard to find as you'd think, and the smaller your car the easier time you'll have all around. People do have SUVs and vans though so really anything can work if you want to drive. Right-hand drive only. - Jul 2018

They drive British style here so that has to be weighed when deciding about a car. Honestly with the cheap and easy public transport I have no idea why anyone would want to bring a car here. I absolutely love the freedom of not having to deal with the added expense of a car while we are here. A side from traffic and crazy drivers, there isn't much issue with having a car if you absolutely must have one. - Apr 2016

Do NOT bring a car, buy one here. They have left-hand drive and importing a car is quite difficult. Also, it can be hard to get parts if your car is not common here (I have had to wait weeks to months to get car parts a couple of times). - Feb 2015

We do not own a car, but some do. Taxis can add up fast, but the public transportation here is cheap and clean. Gas is expensive. - Mar 2012

None, unless you live on the south side of the island. And then, a small one with good gas mileage. But you can't import left-hand drive, and I think you can't import more than some number of years old. There is a great used car market here, since HKers insist on buying brand new fancy cars every few years, so you can find good quality BMWs, Audis, etc under 10yrs old for less than USD10K. - Mar 2012

Buy one here - the second hand market is very well priced. No issues. Many expats don't bother to get a car as the public transport is so good. - Aug 2010

A car is generally not necessary, and it's very difficult to import one, so don't bother (They drive on the left in Hong Kong, so if it's not a right-side drive car, don't even think about trying).Second hand cars can be cheap here, but the flip side of that is that you will get little resale value for your car here. If you live in the city center, you will almost never miss not having a car. If you live on the south side of the island, you should consider one, especially if you have kids. Parking is a major hassle and taxis are cheap and everywhere - don't burden yourself with a car if you don't have to. - Jun 2010

Because so many Hong Kong locals have so much money generally you can buy a used car for really cheap - the rich people all want the latest model so the market is flooded with nice used cars. I would not bother bringing a car. The public transport system here is so efficient, safe and cheap I would wait to see if you even want to buy a car. I bought a car but I really didn't need one, and most of my friends didn't bother. - Jun 2008

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