What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Nothing in terms of availability. Cost is another story. - Jun 2020

None. Anything you can't find here is just a DPO away. - Jul 2018

I would have brought a mini consumables of the staples we love that are cheap back home. I can still buy most things through Amazon or locally if I can't wait so I don't think you really need to stockpile unless you want to save some money. - Apr 2016

More maple syrup (too expensive here). Otherwise, generally should have brought less (little storage) and you can order most things through the DPO. - Feb 2015

Toys, larger sized clothes and shoes, but you can find it here. Toys are way overpriced. I just plan ahead and order before the holidays or birthdays. - Mar 2012

Mattress pads, dehumidifiers/air purifiers. There's quite a few things I regularly order from the US because they aren't available here (i.e. American-sized clothes and shoes, women's shaving cream, stick deodorant, cold medicine and ibuprofen), but it's not really necessary to stock up on those things before coming. - Mar 2012

Most things are available. The only think I've found hard to find has been hard wax (for hair removal - as opposed to wax you use with strips). - Aug 2010

Nothing. You can get everything here, and what you can't you can order to be shipped via the DPO. - Jun 2010

I would ship stuff that may be expensive here if you want but you can get anything you need. I remember that party supplies and childrens toys were expensive. Also, if you wear a larger size of clothing or shoe than normal Asian sizes, I know some people had trouble finding clothes and shoes. I am a women's U.S. size 8 and I was probably on the larger end of what they sell in the shops. However, any woman who wears U.S. size 8 or under (including children) will be able to buy factory rejects from Gap, Ann Taylor, Lucky Brand jeans, etc. etc. for about $5 per item. It's great! - Jun 2008

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