Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes. Tennis, soccer, baseball, basketball, cricket, you name it. - Jun 2020

Yes, the schools have activities for a fee and there are also some local sports teams for kids. They are also pretty pricey and require some traveling for games. They have Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts too. - Apr 2016

Yes, quite a few (again, at a cost). My kids have a great horseback riding instructor. Our friend's child did a lot of competitive swimming including plenty of international competitions. - Feb 2015

Yes. Hong Kong has a wide variety of activities available to kids. Expats and locals alike feel the need to schedule their children from 7 am to 7 pm at night. Activities here are very expensive (we pay about three times as much we did in our high cost of living area in the U.S.) and we only allow our children to participate in one or two activities at any given time due to financial constraints. - Feb 2015

Tons of options are available through schools, YMCA, and other clubs. Tennis, rugby, football, swimming, martial arts, are just a start. - Mar 2012

Yes, probably any sport they want. - Mar 2012

The kids of people I know do sports with their schools. - Aug 2010

Yes - many of the school sports teams compete regionally with their counterparts throughout Asia. - Jun 2010

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