What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There are many gyms and other fitness facilities in Hong Kong. Expect to pay about $250 USD a month. The Consulate has a small gym, and some apartment complexes also have gyms. - Jun 2020

Endless outdoor activities. Green space is probably Hong Kong's best asset typically missed by visitors. Live here and you will find your favorites. Limitless hiking opportunities, water sports, beaches, exploring the outlying islands, amusement parks, camping, etc. There is a small gym within the consulate, not great, but it works. There are limited shower facilities at work. Some of the housing will have pools. Gyms/sports/etc are available, but I can't speak to price. - Jul 2018

A bunch! Big gyms, boutique gyms, cross fit, you name it. The consulate has a small gym and the apartments often have their own, as well. The local gyms are super expensive but if that is your thing, then it's probably worth it. - Apr 2016

Yes, but quite costly. - Feb 2015

Yes, first class everywhere, but for a price. Some other gyms are more specific like for Muay Thai, yoga, dance, etc. - Mar 2012

Yes and no. The consulate has a "gym", though usually there isn't much space during the logical times to use it. Bamboo Grove housing (the leased one about a mile from the consulate) has a gym. The other two housing facilities don't. There are several large gym chains in HK, but they are VERY expensive (typically over USD100 per month). - Mar 2012

Most expat buildings have gyms in the clubhouse. There are many gyms in the city, however the costs tend to be high. - Aug 2010

Good gyms either within the complexes where you live, or in membership gyms all over the place. Decent pools are a bit harder to find. Typically they are too short, shallow, and/or crawling with children. - Jun 2010

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