What are some interesting/fun things to do in the area? Can you recommend any “hidden gems"?

Explore China, Cambodia, Indonesia, South Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, and the list goes on. - Jun 2020

Hidden gems....any country park. Find your own private beach on an outlying island. Peng Chau is great and not crowded with tourists, Shek-O has a cool vibe, Stanley can be fun if there aren't tons of people, charter a junk boat for a nice cruise around the coves and bays, or whatever tickles your fancy. - Jul 2018

Disneyland, Victoria Peak, big Buddha, ferry to the smaller islands for a day trip, Macau is just a 45-minute ferry away for some fun. LOTs of brunches and meet ups for just about any hobby. Lots of dragon boat teams for the dragon boat season. Losts of festivals to check out and Chonese New Year was really neat to experience. - Apr 2016

Outer islands and hiking in the "country parks" (protected areas). Also, some of the bird reserves near the border. - Feb 2015

Exploring away from the expat neighborhoods. Cheap massages. - Feb 2015

Stanley market, Ngong Ping, hiking Dragon's Back or Sai Kung, fishing villages, the Star Ferry, hire a junk boat, hop over to Macau and gamble with the best, the list is never ending here. There are many festivals celebrated here too. - Mar 2012

Eating, hiking, eating, going on boat trips, eating, shopping, eating, going out to bars/clubs, eating, going to the horse races, eating, going up the Peak, eating, going to see the big Buddha, eating, going to the local markets, eating, going to Macau, eating, eating, eating... you get the picture. - Mar 2012

Too many to list.... eating out, bars, hiking, junks (boats with food and drinks), seafood feasts in fishing villages, shopping, weekends in other parts of Asia, sea sports such as Dragonboat racing....etc etc - Aug 2010

Where to start. Any hobby or interest can be pursued here. Hiking is a very common pastime, and there are green trails all over the place, amazingly close to the urban center. There's a Disneyland and its (better)rival, Ocean Park, which has pandas, dolphin shows, rides and aquariums. The consulate sponsors an annual dragonboat team in the spring/early summer. Day trips to Macau to check out the casinos or the big concerts. Tons of shopping. - Jun 2010

Oh gosh - you name it, Hong Kong has it. Whatever you are into, Hong Kong probably has a club for it. There is a lot to do. Getting bored in Hong Kong would pretty much be impossible. I think interesting things in Hong Kong include: taking day trips to the outlying islands to experience a slower, more authentic way of life; taking trips over to the spas & casinos in Macau; hiking some of the many fascinating and well-kept trails; participating in a Dragon Boat rowing team; and of course the food/restaurants and nightclubs are world-class. Believe me, you will not get bored here. Also, unlike my previous posting, the actual tourist attractions (Star Ferry, The Peak Tram, Big Bhudda etc.) never got boring for me. Whenever I had visitors I was happy to revisit these places. - Jun 2008

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