Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Occasional cockroaches. - Jun 2020

Nope, not really. - Jul 2018

We have had none in our house but we are pretty high up in a high rise. I have seen very little sign of bugs when I have been out in the city. - Apr 2016

Some mosquitoes, but not too bad. - Feb 2015

Yes, cockroaches can be a problem. Mosquitoes are also bad, but no worse than the summer months in the U.S. - Feb 2015

We live in a well maintained high rise very close to a reservoir so there are lots of critters, but we have only seen little ants in the kitchen during the summertime. On the streets you will encounter the occassional roach and my biggest nemesis are the mosquitoes. - Mar 2012

Some mosquitoes, lots of cockroaches, and pretty much any household bug that likes wet environments. One of the Consulate housing facilities has had bad termite problems in the summer, too. - Mar 2012

Not that I've noticed. I've seen some health outreach materials about mosquitos, but I haven't heard of anyone actually having any problems with illness through bites. - Aug 2010

Not a major issue. They have mosquitoes and roaches on the streets like anywhere else, but nothing too problematic. - Jun 2010

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