What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Winters are wonderful, with highs in the 60s and low humidity, but summers are awful, with very high humidity and highs in the 90s. - Jun 2020

Hot, humid, and rainy summer with typhoons on occasion from April/May to October-ish. Amazing and perfect weather from late October through April/May. - Jul 2018

From mid-April to November it is hot, humid, and wet. During that time it rains daily so you have to keep an umbrella on you at all times. Hong Kong has a typhoon season but fortunately we haven't had anything too severe while we've lived here. November to April it rains much less and the air gets pretty cool, much cooler than I expected. This past winter it was unseasonably cold to the point that there were flurries up in the peak and the closed school! I have been told this isn't the norm but it can get pretty chilly, as low as the 40's F at night and high 50s during the day. Coming from a much colder climate, it never felt that cold to me and I never needed to use the portable heaters that were provided. Humidity stinks though! We have four big dehumidifiers in the house and we have to empty them twice a day. - Apr 2016

Very hot and humid summers (though thankfully air is less polluted when the winds blow from the south); cool winters (but smoggy). - Feb 2015

It is hot and humid in most of the year with a cool winter (light jackets and sweaters are needed). - Feb 2015

Typically the summer months are hot and very humid, but around October the temperature cools and the humidity drops. You will wear a jacket it does get cold. - Mar 2012

From about October to December the weather is phenomenal, sunny and 70-80 degrees all the time. The rest of the year... just stay inside. From January through February it is cool and wet, making it uncomfortably cold indoors where there is generally no heating. From February through about September it starts getting incredibly humid, and that there are constant problems with mold. In May it heats up, and until about September it is just too hot and humid to stay outside for very long. July to about November is typhoon season, we've had one typhoon day since I've been here but mostly they go far enough south of us that we just get bad thunderstorms with lots of wind. - Mar 2012

Hot, steamy summers. Cool-Cold winters (despite my preconceptions, I needed a coat and scarf during the winter!) - Aug 2010

I'm not a huge fan of the weather here. It is often hot and humid, and you just drip with sweat after even a short walk outside. Two winters ago here was pretty nice, with blue sky and mild temperatures, but this past winter has been incredibly gray and cloudy. In can get surprisingly chilly in the winter, and most places don't have heating, so you definitely want a few space heaters (GSO provides two for places that don't have heating, but I would try to get at least one more).Summers have seen frequent typhoons. - Jun 2010

Usually it is mild and pleasant but sometimes it gets a little chilly so definitely bring a coat. In the summer, it is extremely hot and humid. And three months of the year it rains, rains, rains. - Jun 2008

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