Can you save money? can only slow the bleed if you online shop for deals whenever possible - Apr 2016

No!! Most expensive place I've ever lived (and my COLA was higher elsewhere...) - Feb 2015

No. If you are a single-income family on a U.S. government salary, living in Hong Kong is a financial hardship. - Feb 2015

You can, but how much fun is that? - Mar 2012

Definitely not. Most everything is expensive here, and the COLA just doesn't cover it. - Mar 2012

depends on how you live. If you live it up here, you can spend as much as you would in other large international cities. Most expats I know here go out frequently and really get into the lifestyle - but you could live cheaply if you wanted to do that too. - Aug 2010

I suppose if you tried, but why would you want to? Life in Hong Kong is what money is for. - Jun 2010

I did not! I spent way too much money! I went out all the time, and went shopping all of the time, so that is my own fault. If you ate local food and tried to stick to a budget you might be able to, because food and transport is cheap enough. But, Hong Kong is an expensive city - probably because there is a lot to spend it on! - Jun 2008

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