If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Parkas. - Jun 2020

TSP. - Jul 2018

Savings plan and subzero clothes. - Apr 2016

Wish to get anything bureaucratic done quickly -- everything takes 10 times more paperwork than you expect. - Feb 2015

Any notion that you will save money. - Feb 2015

Idea that HK is polluted and just a city of cement and business trades. HK is beautiful and fun. - Mar 2012

Winter coats, large pieces of furniture or things that will need to be stored - Mar 2012

wok.....leave it to the professionals. Oh, and your post-colonial prism. Hong Kong is booming after '97. - Aug 2010

suits, work shirts - get them made here! - Jun 2010

Out-of-date technology - you can upgrade here for cheap. Old VCRs, Camcorders, etc. - you won't need them and the electronic stuff here is great. - Jun 2008

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