Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

We have one cat. We had to get a pet permit. We had to keep our cat in the States for 6 months, with a sitter, in a rabies-free zone so he would not be quarantined. It was pricey and a headache, but worth it. People love dogs here and there are many vets and shops. - Mar 2012

Yes, we just use the SPCA, and they are pretty good. - Mar 2012

I believe so. A surprising number of people have dogs and cats given that most of the population lives in small(ish) apartments. - Aug 2010

That's my understanding. Lots of people have pets here. The local SPCA has lots of cats and dogs to offer (note: it is illegal to declaw cats in Hong Kong). - Jun 2010

I did not use a kennel as I had a domestic helper. When we went out of town, we just left our dogs at home with the helper. We used the vet at the RSPCA when our dog became ill and he was a UK-trained expat. The experience was pleasant, and reasonably cheap. I know there is a vet that makes house calls in Hong Kong - a lot of expats use him. - Jun 2008

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