Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is excellent here. No medical evacuation needed. - Jun 2020

Medical care is excellent and no major health concerns. It can be hot/humid in the summer. - Jul 2018

Pollution is bad much of the time. If you have sensitivities or pre-existing issues, factor that in. - Apr 2016

Yes. Pollution is a major health concern. The pollution makes it much harder to recover from respiratory illness. Both my husband and myself developed reactive airway disease which required nearly a month of steroid treatment. This is a common occurrence among our friends as well. My children are always coughing and have runny noses and my youngest has developed ear infections which I find interesting as we've never had an ear infection in our family. Ear infections may be caused by high pollution (several medical studies have been done on this) so I believe this is yet another adverse result of pollution on my family. I know of a few children hospitalized with asthma when pollution levels peaked a few weeks ago. Over the course of three months last spring, each of my children had Hand Foot Mouth disease, strep throat, and Scarlet fever. Someone is always home sick. I hear this is common in Hong Kong as all of the strains childhood illnesses are much worse here. Hand Foot Mouth disease occurs year round. - Feb 2015

Great medical and dental care. I have had stays in two hospitals and seen many doctors and I am impressed. - Mar 2012

Lots of respiratory issues... nothing really serious, you'll just have colds or coughs or allergies a lot, but if you have asthma or other similar problems it could be a concern. The medical care here is great. Expensive, but great. - Mar 2012

High quality health care. The public hospitals are good. Most expats use the private hospitals, which can be very pricy. - Aug 2010

Not really, except maybe those who are particularly sensitive to air pollutants. This area is near to the epicenter of major Asian outbreaks of communicable diseases like bird flu, SARS, etc., so they are extra vigilant and cautious about outbreaks whenever they pop up. Health care is excellent here, especially childbirth - fancy pampering!Lots of families choose to have children here. - Jun 2010

The aforementioned pollution did not bother me but if I had a child that had asthma or something I might have worried about it. The medical care is extremely good as you may expect and there is a large offering of both eastern and western medicine. - Jun 2008

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