What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

There are many clubs in Hong Kong, but entry fees are expensive. - Jun 2020

Make friends. If you are bored in Hong Kong don't blame the city. - Jul 2018

Eating and drinking and shopping. Some people love hiking the mountains and trails around the islands too. There are lots of great movie theaters and they have great entertainers who tour through this area. - Apr 2016

Anything you'd do int he U.S. - Feb 2015

Anything you can do in any international city (New York, Paris, etc) you can do here. - Feb 2015

This city is full of entertainment and there is not enough time in our posting to see and do everything. - Mar 2012

Prolific. Pretty heavy drinking culture here, I'd say. But certainly not the only thing that you can do. However, it does tend to create a bit of a divide between families and singles/young couples. - Mar 2012

Fantastic and varied. People tend to meet out in bars/ eateries rather than going to other people's houses, unless they know them very well. There is a very vibrant social life here. I've heard it refered to as "Disneyland for Adults".read into that what you will!I do think that people who are more environmentally minded, or into the hippie and non-commercial type lifestyle may have to search around for their niche a bit harder than others. - Aug 2010

Tons - as much or as little as you have an appetite for. - Jun 2010

Local Hong Kong residents have small apartments so almost every meal is eaten out. The main form of entertainment for them is definitely eating! As for expats, the bar and club scene is excellent, and it is fun to get a big group together and rent a - Jun 2008

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