Morale among expats:

If you are not happy here, than you will be happy nowhere. - Mar 2012

Generally very good. The main complaints are the weather and the air quality, but most expats here are wealthy enough to just go somewhere else for the summer and escape the worst of it. - Mar 2012

Generally very high. - Aug 2010

Excellent. Almost everyone loves it. - Jun 2010

I think most people feel geniunely fortunate to be living in Hong Kong. There is something for everyone and everyone finds their own niche. Hong Kong locals are (I found) generally positive, optimistic, family-centered people and I think that attitude is contagious. Of course when you are talking about 100,000 people or so this is a gross generalization, but the morale is probably the highest here that you will find. Everyone that I ever knew/met was having the time of their lives. Expats in Hong Kong work hard and play hard. When people complain it is generally about the pollution, and about how crowded certain areas of the city can get, especially on weekends. If you go to Central on a Saturday, some people can start to feel claustrophobic. - Jun 2008

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