What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

There are hundreds of thousands of expats in Hong Kong. Morale among expats in general is high, as the city is very easy to live in. I've met expats who have been here for 20+ years. - Jun 2020

Large expat community from around the world. Morale is generally high. Don't get hung up on little things like where your housing is. Leave work at work if you can. Hong Kong is a great place, with tons to do locally and reasonably priced flights to the rest of Asia. - Jul 2018

Morale is mixed. While is is a safe, beautiful city, the expense and pollution is enough to get some people down. It is also very far from home and without an R&R it is too expensive for many families to return home during their tour. - Apr 2016

Huge, many lawyers and bankers, but also academics. Generally quite happy other than the pollution complaints. - Feb 2015

The expat community is very large and the morale of long-term expats in banking and finance is quite high, although all express concern over the air pollution. - Feb 2015

Huge. - Mar 2012

Enormous. Over 60,000 Americans alone, and probably even more Brits and Aussies. - Mar 2012

Very large, from all around the world. - Aug 2010

Enormous. This is probably the most cosmopolitan city in Asia, with expats from everywhere. Mostly it's high-flying international banking/business types. Not a huge diplomatic community here, but still respectable. - Jun 2010

HUGE. We have tens of thousands of Americans in Hong Kong alone (I think around 30,000 or so). I believe the UK has even more than that. - Jun 2008

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