English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Yes, there are English newspapers and cable programs. The prices on cable depend on what channels you select. We sling our shows from the states. - Mar 2012

South China Morning Post is the main English newspaper here, and it is pretty good. The Consulate has packages arranged with PCCW/NowTV that comes with a few English channels, and then you can buy others adhoc. - Mar 2012

Widely available. The standard of the pay television has not been overly impressive given the cost - Aug 2010

South China Morning Post is a world class daily English-language local newspaper, and there are several others. Cable gives you tons of English language channels on TV. - Jun 2010

The South China Morning Post is the main one and it is quite good (Check out their website if you don't believe me). You can buy newspapers from the US and UK at imported prices. The cable TV was quite good and features a selection of shows from the US, Australia, UK and Canada, New Zealand. The cable TV was less than mine is here in the U.S. - Jun 2008

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