Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

You can buy an unlocked phone here or bring one with you. There are many service providers and the price for a plan is comparable to the US. - Jun 2020

Government-issued to employees, available local plans, Google Fi works great here. - Jul 2018

The consulate issues a phone but the family has a T-Mobile international family plan so we get unlimited data and texting in most countries. If we have to make a call, we do it through wifi of data on FaceTime. - Apr 2016

Tons of options - if you want a cheap deal, go to an area like Shamshuipo and talk to the touts. - Feb 2015

I have an i-Phone. I moved here with already broken, so we went with PCCW, but there are options here. - Mar 2012

There are several good services here with plans comparable to the US.Everyone in HK has at least one iPhone. Seriously. - Mar 2012

Buy one here, or you can get a sim card from one of the thousands of convenienece shops around town. - Aug 2010

I stick with what the consulate provides, but all kinds of phones and cell plans are out there. This is a very wired city, probably more advanced than any city in the US in this respect. - Jun 2010

Check on their website for PCCW and you'll see the latest deals, etc. PCCW is a main service provider and they also did cable TV if I recall. I was happy with them. - Jun 2008

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