Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Some buildings have ramps, but many do not. This probably depends on where you live and if you have a car to avoid very steep hills and the many stairs in the city. - Jun 2020

Probably, lots of hills and the ADA isn't a thing here. - Jul 2018

Yes! The whole city seems to be uphill. The sidewalks are uneven and the are lots of stairs everywhere. I am able bodied and I struggle walking the streets here in some areas. - Apr 2016

Yes, it's a hilly city without a lot of access for folks with disabilities. - Feb 2015

Yes. I have enough trouble navigating the city with a stroller. I could not imagine having to do it via wheelchair. - Feb 2015

It can be difficult to get around because of sidewalks and all the hills. I have seen some many ramps. - Mar 2012

A lot. Hong Kong is all hills, and for such a pedestrian city has surprisingly bad sidewalks. Very few buildings have handicapped access, there are stairs everywhere. - Mar 2012

People in wheelchairs would have difficulties in the older buildings and more crowded areas of the city. Some of the public transport stations have stairs - you would need to do research each time you went somewhere new. - Aug 2010

It would be a bit of a challenge. This city is hilly and crowded, and people bump into each other a lot. Infrastructure isn't particularly designed for disabled people, although the crossing signals all beep for the blind. - Jun 2010

The taxi drivers are generally extremely accomodating for persons in wheelchairs, etc. I have seen them lift elderly people out of the chairs and gently place them in the taxi, fold up the wheelchair, put it in the trunk, and after a 5 minute taxi ride, do it all over again in reverse. That being said, Hong Kong is extremely hilly. It is difficult to get around in this respect - the sidewalks can be very narrow. I think it would depend on the disability, really. - Jun 2008

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