Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Not that I've seen. - Jul 2018

Not really. - Apr 2016

There may be, but I don't see it ever. Some ethnic classes think they are better than others. I have seen all religions here and all colors. You may be called a gweilo, "white devil," just laugh. - Mar 2012

Not really. You can pretty much find someone of every nationality and religion here, so it has had to be pretty open in general. There's definitely a lot of antagonism against Mainlanders here right now, and since Filipinas and Indonesians are typically maids here they are likely to be a bit discriminated against. - Mar 2012

As I don't speak or read Chinese, it's difficult to respond to this properly. As in any society, there is likely some prejudice against the non-dominant sectors of society. I've heard that some people from SE Asia can find it difficult. I can say that I have never felt threatened or discriminated against in any way due to my race or gender. There is a bit of a sense that the locals like to keep a little separate in the way they live their lives, but I have never felt really offended by this. People stare less here than anywhere I have ever been. It seems that anything goes in terms of self presentation. - Aug 2010

No,no,no. There seems to be no racial tension here at all. Chinese Hong Kongers display no sense of resentment or hostility to Westerners or third world nationals here. Everyone goes about their own business. - Jun 2010

Not that I ever saw or heard about. Definitely as a woman, I felt that I probably got more respect in Hong Kong, professionally, than I do even in the U.S. - Jun 2008

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