Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

This is a good city for everyone. - Jun 2020

Yes for all. Tons of expats of every age, friendly locals, great night life, great food, good schools, etc. - Jul 2018

It is good for everyone. All come with their own set of pros and cons. - Apr 2016

yes, all of the above, though single women may find it harder than single men (there are a lot of single women prowling every bar...). - Feb 2015

This is a good city for singles, couples, and families with older children. - Feb 2015

It's fantastic for families. There are all kinds of fun museums, parks, zoos, Ocean Park, Disneyland, dolphin sightseeing tours, ice skating rinks, rock climbing, etc. Singles here have a ball. - Mar 2012

Yes, it's a pretty good city for everyone. Though I would imagine kids would feel a little trapped indoors in some of the downtown apartments, there isn't really a 'yard' or anything to play in. I don't have kids, but I wouldn't think HK would bea great place to raise them... all the kids here seem to be very spoiled and obnoxious, all taken care of by domestic helpers and all seemingly very sheltered. Even if you don't raise your kids that way, you and your kids would still have to interact with those people regularly. I would think that would get very tiresome. - Mar 2012

Hong Kong is a great city for all of these groups. I have found it really easy to meet new people and make friends. I'm married with no kids. Families also enjoy it here - after a period of adjustment to highrise living. There is a good variety of things for people to do with children. For singles it looks that it is easy to get out and meet people on the dating scene (there is certainly a vibrant 'meat market' in the bars in central!).I have heard anecdotally that the dating here is easier for men than for women for whatever reason. - Aug 2010

It's a great city for everyone. Singles love it, childless couples, families - it has it all for everyone. - Jun 2010

This is a great city for all. Families, singles, and couples - men and women, gay and lesbian, etc. etc. Anyone would be happy here. The one complaint I did hear from people that have children are during the rainy season (about 3 months a year) the children can feel cooped up and bored and people can get a bit stir crazy. - Jun 2008

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