Lilongwe - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

How boring it would be. - Jul 2020

The power grid here is the worst I've ever seen. Power outages are daily and the power surges can fry equipment regularly. Bring good quality surge protectors (and plan on replacing them at least once) and I even recommend little commercial UPS units just to cover the power gap from when the city goes dark and your generator comes online. That can make a huge difference in quality of life. - Sep 2018

How truly small it is. Some days I hear more birds than cars! It feels more like a village or town than a big city. There isn't even really a downtown area. I miss movie theaters too. - Jul 2017

Lower expectations for seafood. With Lake Malawi being so over-fished, freshwater seafood is dwindling. - Oct 2016

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