Lilongwe - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Only two options for school age kids ABC and BMIS. I would never put my child back in BMIS again. Full stop. Some people homeschool. - Jul 2020

There are basically two international schools where Embassy staff (and most of the diplomatic population) send their kids. There is Bishop Mackenzie International School that is Reception through High School and ABC Academy, which I think goes only through the 8th grade. I understand ABC has more of an American curriculum; BMIS is the IB program. My daughter attends BMIS (Year 1-Year 3) and she has loved it. I have heard mixed reviews of latter high school grades. - Feb 2020

Most embassy kids go to either Bishop McKenzie International School (BMIS) or the African Bible College Christian Academy (ABCCA). Both schools are fine for primary, but I can't speak to the high school curriculum. BMIS is an IB school now and has an old but comprehensive campus. It's been around for awhile. ABCCA is newer and has a nice campus. The education seems strong but there is also a significant level of American Southern Baptist indoctrination mixed into the education. Just be aware. - Sep 2018

Most people go to Bishop Mackenzie or African Bible College Christian School. Parents seem happy with both for K-8 although many send their kids to boarding school for high school, as numbers drop dramatically in those grades. - Jul 2017

There are 2 schools which most expat (and well-to-do Malawian) children attend: African Bible College (ABC) and Bishop Mackenzie International School (BMIS). BMIS has an IB program and several after-school sports. We don't have kids but most parents seem fairly happy with BMIS. There are also lots of preschools. - Oct 2016

There are three main international schools; Bishop Mackenzie International School which is an accredited IB school, ABC which is the school associated with the African Bible College and follows the American curriculum with a religious slant, and Acacia which follow the British curriculum. We only have experience with Bishop Mackenzie and it was been very positive with great teachers. - Aug 2015

BMIS and ABC. - Sep 2013

BMIS is the most popular among the families. I sent my oldest daughter there for a year and she liked it. But when my second daughter was starting reception and my agency wasn't paying, I switched to ABC, the Christian school, which offered us a lower tuition. They have a beautiful school and we've had really good teachers. It is a very Christian-based curriculum though, so I know that puts a lot of people off. - Sep 2012

ABC - it is run by a church, and tuition is lower. BMIS - both of my kids went to this school and loved it. I also taught there and found the other teachers to be highly qualified, although limited by lack of supplies and technology. I would recommend highly for elementary but not so much for high school, just because of the limited options. - Sep 2009

My children attend BMIS and love it. A dedicated school board and director are making positive changes at the school. The school offers a PYP programme. It is run-down in appearance, but it has good dedicated teachers. The other options are the African Bible College, offering a US-based curriculum (but it had not gotten its international accreditation). There is also a Mount Soche International School. - Jul 2009


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