Lilongwe - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Urban Cafe, Jang's Kitchen, Chennai Spice, Woodland's, AMA Khofi, Kaza Kitchen and a few more. Talk to the CLO. - Jul 2020

Restaurants are limited. Many are in the residential areas as its cheaper apparently to be there than in a commercial space. Sometimes restaurants open and a year later are gone, but there are a few really good ones that seem to have been around awhile - Mamma Mia and Mediterraneo for Italian; Latitude 13, Lark (both continental); Golden Peacock (for Chinese), and several Indian places. There is no food delivery service. You can usually pick-up. - Feb 2020

There are a handful of restaurants in the neighborhoods and surrounding areas, usually built into residences, that everyone seems to frequent. The quality varies from not bad to shockingly good. Take out isn't really an option and the only dependable fast food in town in the KFC down by the Crossroads Hotel. - Sep 2018

There are about 10-15 restaurants among which the expat crowd rotates. It is near impossible to go out to eat and not see someone you know (can be both a good and bad thing). There are several excellent cafe options that are only open in the day. My faves include Lark, Brunch and Ama Khofi. Persian, Indian, Chinese and Italian food can also all be found here. - Jul 2017

There are a few good restaurants here but leave behind your expectations for a hopping dining scene. The Four Seasons complex is lovely with a beautiful plant nursery, Buchanan Steak house, Kathmandu restaurant, and Ama Kofi Lunch spot. There are 2 -3 good Indian restaurants, 2 good Italian restaurants, and a few others. Food delivery is rare but most places will do take out if you ask. A lot of people employ cooks and some of our best meals have been at friends' houses. - Oct 2016

There are a range of good restaurants and more seem to be opening lately. They can be expensive. There's good Indian and Korean food as well as some Chinese. - Aug 2015

There are about 10-15 good restaurants - most of them Indian. Bombay Palace at the Game Shopping Center is the best. A few Chinese--Noble China is the best--and a few western style places too. The best for lunch are Ulendo's Lark Cafe in Area 10 and Four Season's Ama Kofe...hands down. - Sep 2013

A few South African chains are available. I've honestly not tried the fast food, it doesn't look good to me. Nothing is really fast here anyway. There are a few good restaurants, although service is always a bit slow. Everything here is pretty expensive. - Sep 2012

There are some South African fast food chains (Steers, Pizza Inn). There are a few good restaurants - italian, international, indian - they are a bit pricey and the wait for food can be long. - Sep 2009

Limited restaurants with acceptable menus--not much to really rave about. Very expensive. - Jul 2009

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