Lilongwe - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Pouch. Local facilities are ok. I did receive a package through local mail once but wouldn't advise doing it on a regular basis. - Jul 2020

Embassy pouch. We keep hearing rumors of DPO... maybe someday. I have never used local postal facilities but would not have high expectations for them. - Feb 2020

Malawi Post is not adequate. However, I am fortunate enough to use the embassy for mail services. - Sep 2018

We have diplomatic pouch with the US government. - Jul 2017

Through the Embassy but we have had things shipped to us via DHL without issues. There are rumors of us being a DPO post in earlier 2017 :) - Oct 2016

DPO is a huge plus. You can stay connected to American groceries via Amazon prime/subscribe and save. - Sep 2013

We have the pouch. No liquids and certain size and weight restrictions apply, but it is a real life-saver for my family. - Sep 2012

We were fortunate to have pouch priveleges. - Sep 2009

Most people use email, but you will eventually get your package through the post office. - Jul 2009

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