Lilongwe - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Yes. Some at the school. There is also Tae Kwon Do and Tennis lessons for kids. - Jul 2020

The schools offer after school activities at BMIS and the most popular seems to be swim team. My daughter has been able to take after school activities in the following: capoeira, environmental club, guitar, swimming, tennis, yoga, art, ball sports, and book club. The activities fill up quickly, though the school keeps trying to find new ways for sign up (it's like the Hunger Games each and every time). - Feb 2020

Yes, the schools all run robust after school programs for the kids. Swimming is big here. - Sep 2018

Yes, but mostly for swimming, soccer and ballet. - Jul 2017

Through the schools. - Oct 2016

The most structured sports teams I know of are swim teams with scheduled practices and coaches and uniforms, otherwise, there are opportunities to play sports at school. Soccer is popular and Bishop Mackenzie has a drop-off Saturday soccer for kids. - Aug 2015

Yes--lots of sports at BMIS--especially swimming and soccer. - Sep 2013

Through the schools. They have a lot of swimming and soccer. There is a local who teaches tennis to most of the kids. - Sep 2012

There are sports through the school and the golf club. - Sep 2009

BMIS has sports for older children. If you look around enough you will find some outside the school -- karate, tennis and golf lessons. - Jul 2009

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