Lilongwe - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

Golf, Tennis, 2Fit has classes. Inquire with the CLO. - Jul 2020

The Embassy has a pretty good gym. There is another gym called 2Fit located in one of the residential neighborhoods where Embassy staff live. It isn't cheap, and it is on someone's compound, so it is not open on the weekends, but they offer personal training and group classes. I do not know of other gyms. There are almost no sidewalks, almost no shoulders, and the sides of roads can be tall grass and drainage ditches, and drivers are not the best -- so there are not a lot of expats that ride or run along the road (though a few hearty souls do). - Feb 2020

One or two local gyms catering to the expat community (2Fit and Latitude 13), but they are both expensive. The embassy maintains a small but adequate gym with free weights. - Sep 2018

There are no national gym chains here. The US Embassy has a gym and there are classes offered in people's homes. - Jul 2017

Gym at the embassy, a local gym run by expats (not cheap but not too expensive and high quality!), yoga classes, a walking group, and a few sports leagues. There are a few pools at the hotels where you can pay to swim/ play tennis/squash. Malawi is a mountain bike haven. There is a mountain biking group which rides every week called the FOBs, and a Lady FOBs group which takes a bit more relaxed pace. Also just 3 km from town is Kumbali Village which has a 5K, 8K, 11K, &21K trails for running, biking and horseback riding (and they offer a great breakfast and is a popular Sunday morning place.)

At the Lake you can kayak, swim, snorkel, dive and paddle board. Mount Mulanje is a great place to hike and camp. - Oct 2016

Yes there's a gym in Lilongwe but we have not used it. There's also a Hash house running group and biking groups as well as volleyball, golf, tennis, ultimate frisbee, swimming... - Aug 2015

At the Embassy. - Sep 2013

There is a gym facility at the embassy, and there is Nico House. You can join the Tamarind Club at the British High Commission, and there are a few private gyms in the residential areas. - Sep 2012

The only gym I am aware of, outside of the one for U.S. Embassy employees, is at Crossroads Hotel. - Sep 2009

Many small gyms that have limited amounts of equipment and types. Most people buy the basics for their house. - Jul 2009

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