Lilongwe - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Rock climbing wall, ultimate frisbee, volleyball, poker night, make your own fun, playdates for kids, potlucks, again make your own fun. It can get old real quick. Take frequent trips to get out of Lilongwe. The country is beautiful. - Jul 2020

Most of the time its hanging out at one another's homes. There are no movie theaters in Malawi (at least not officially); though occasionally the Lilongwe Wildlife Centre will show films in the dry season, for people at the Embassy the Marines also occasionally show films. There are few entertainment venues. I heard Joss Stone came here once for a show. Rihanna and Madonna have come, but for humanitarian reasons. Mostly this is a "make your own fun" kind of place. - Feb 2020

Malawi is a make your own fun post. Definitely a great chance to develop your hobbies. Lots of stuff to do outdoors: hiking, biking, and scuba at the lake. Not a lot of restaurants/night clubs (but there are a few) and no movie theaters. People host parties at their residences a lot. - Sep 2018

This place is all about BBQs, board games and house parties. It's a "make your own fun" kind of place, as there are only 1 or 2 attractions in town. There's a walking group (Walkie Talkies) that walk together every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There are also game nights at restaurants. It's pretty chill overall. Great place for young families who want affordable help and don't care much about the nightlife. - Jul 2017

People get together for fun: pot luck, beer brewing, bike trip or grilling. There are a few places just outside of town that offer. Change of pace and heading up to the Lake for the weekend is common. - Aug 2015

It is what you make of it. The weather and outdoor spaces make hosting parties or events at your home easy and fun. - Sep 2013

Lots of people make their own entertainment. There are many friendly people who will invite you to their homes for parties, game nights, etc. - Sep 2012

Everyone pretty much makes their own entertainment. There are no movie theaters (except one down in Blantyre), bowling alleys, etc. so most people entertain in their home. - Sep 2009

Mostly at home and social events at the school or at people's houses. - Jul 2009

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