Riga - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

The divide between Latvian and Russian speakers is still the largest societal issue, but it doesn't impact the expat community much. Gender equality is better than in most countries, and it about average for Europe on most indicators. So better than some, but nowhere near as progressive as the nordic countries. - Mar 2022

None really. There is a big divide between ethnic Russians and Latvians socially and politically, but as an expat doesn't really affect you. - Jul 2017

Latvia is quite homogenous when it comes to ethnic diversity and the recent relocation of refugees has shown another area in which acceptance of change is slow-going. While I am not aware of any issues involving violence, the attitude toward the refugees has been unwelcoming overall (of course, not for everyone). Tension between Latvians and Russians is on-going, due to the country's long and difficult history. - Sep 2016

Yes. There are occasional, but serious, problems with verbal and even sometimes physical harassment of racial minorities. - Jul 2010

Yes. Non-whites do experience some harrassment and alercations have occurred. - Aug 2008

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