Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

We have had a great experience with a local Montessori pre-school. The teachers and administrators are excellent and it costs about $350 month plus enrollment and materials fees. The primary schools are also highly regarded. - Feb 2021

Lots of options to choose from. Most go to ASFM or San Roberto and are happy. However they are many more options. Trilingual schools, Catholic schools, etc. - Sep 2018

Post just retuned to fully accompanied after five years without families. There are several very good schools including American School Foundation of Monterrey, San Roberto, and American Institute. - Aug 2015

There is an American school, though we don't know much about it, as our children are not at post. The most prestigious technical college in Mexico, and one of the tops in Latin America is here (think MIT). - Mar 2014

No experience, but they are supposedly top-notch. - Oct 2012

We don't have kids. Other kids we knew went to ASFM or San Roberto. There are also an Irish school and a French school, but I don't know anything about them. - Oct 2010

We have had a great experience with the schools here. ASFM is an American Private school where some of Monterrey's elite send their children. There are a few bullying issues, but the teachers have been great at trying to stop it. Most of the teachers at ASFM have come from the States. There are a lot of American children who attend here that are not apart of the consulate. Some families go to San Roberto, which is also a private English speaking school. It is more religion-based and has more Mexican teachers than American. The kids do wear uniforms everyday, which is a bonus. San Roberto offers more after-school activities than ASFM. - Jul 2010

There are several schools to choose from-- don{t let the materials at the OBC fool you into thinking everyone goes to ASFM. Instituto San Roberto ( is currently a highly popular choice for elementary school kids. Values and ethics are part of the curriculum, and is part of the school's daily life. The American Institute of Monterrey ( is another option used by some families at the Consulate. AIM also focuses on morals and values in its program, quite effectively. - Jan 2008

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