Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

Groceries and household supplies are similar in cost to the U.S. because most people shop at a U.S. supermarket, HEB. There is also Costco and you can go out of your way to buy inexpensive produce at local bodegas. - Feb 2021

Pretty much get anything you’d get in the States. Clothing quality is a little poor; you may pay more for quality stuff than you’d do in the States. Amazon delivery is quick. - Sep 2018

Anything you like is here at HEB (Texas based chain) and Sorianna. Price about 15% higher. - Aug 2015

Texas grocery chains are there. They have "green" gluten free, sugar free, you name it, they have it. EXCEPT NYQUIL! If you are a fan of that when you get a cold, there is only one tiny grocery store that sells it. - Mar 2014

Similar to the US or a bit more. - Oct 2012

The HEBs in San Pedro are basically like shopping in any supermarket in south Texas. The prices are cheaper than in the States, though out of season items are simply not available sometimes.(If you are a fan of natural peanut butter, however, you will need to bring some with you - they only have one kind of PB and it is in a tiny little jar.) - Oct 2010

Groceries are a little more expensive than in the States. Anything that's in a plastic container will be almost double what you'd pay normally. You can get American brands at HEB, but the "off-brands" are just as good. Cleaning products are more expensive also. Thankfully, if you work for the State Dept. you are able to get the taxes from some products back, which makes it better. Costco is here and most Americans shop there. Bulk is always cheaper. When we go to the States, we stock up on everything....soaps, cleaners, toilet paper, chicken stock, tomato products, canned fruit, etc. The occasional trip to the States to shop is worth it! - Jul 2010

Imported items can be expensive, while domestically produced items can be reasonable or even a bargain. Members of the diplomatic corps can be refunded the IVA tax they pay in purchases, which makes some things even more of a bargain. Dairy tends to be expensive, dry goods similar to U.S. prices, and meats can be quite cheap. As a rule the more processed the item, the more expensive it will seem. Even still, there are some things you just won't find on this side of the river but are easy to get in Texas: tomato paste, many diet sodas, those little goldfish crackers, most spices and ethnic items-- the list goes on. Then again, a trip to Texas once in a while is a guilty little pleasure that even the locals enjoy. - Jan 2008

Groceries are widely available. HEB (Texas owned chain) is the most popular among expats and has recently expanded to include a decent organic section. Costco is also here and occasionally has a few hard-to-find things like pure maple syrup and chicken broth. Other things that are hard to find include brown sugar, dried mushrooms, some grains (quinoa, wheat berries, etc), and plain yogurt. - Jan 2008

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