Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

No. - Feb 2021

No. - Sep 2018

In Monterrey yes it would be an issue. In San Pedro it could be manageable. - Aug 2015

I don't think so. It is fairly modern (sidewalks and elevators). The bathrooms at some places could be an issue. - Mar 2014

Would be difficult. Most places are not handicap accessible, and the sidewalks are often narrow or broken. - Oct 2012

The sidewalks are not in great condition, and often when crossing the street you are taking your life into your hands. It did not seem especially disability-friendly to me. - Oct 2010

The streets are narrow and not in good condition. The sidewalks are even worse. The malls seem to be more friendly for people who have disabilities. Handicap access isn't available everywhere. - Jul 2010

Sidewalks are extremely rough and treacherous, even for someone without movement issues-- badly broken cement of varying widths, sudden significant changes in height, a general lack of ramps at corners, and a curb height that seems completely random. Holes abound in both sidewalks and roads. While there are handicapped parking spots at many of the more modern shopping areas, none are van accessible and most are little more than a generously sized spot close to the door. The use of metal bumps set in roadways and parking lots will pose an added difficulty for wheelchairs. Not all multi-level buildings have elevators, and many of those that do are not wheelchair accessible elevators (narrow doors, small cars that do not allow the chair to turn). - Jan 2008

Its hard for me to tell. Most places have elevators but I haven't seen many ramps. There is very little pedestrian space so everything is driving accessible. Nearly all parking lots have priority parking. - Jan 2008

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