What volunteer opportunities are available locally?

You can volunteer anywhere but there's no longer anything organized through the Embassy. - Jul 2019

Yes, lots of places to volunteer if someone wants to. Embassy staff support a charity that works with a variety of places. - Jul 2018

Everyone volunteers with Quito Cares, it's a good cause but almost cult-like at the embassy. Proceeds go to a handful of local charities, but it's almost like a social club. There are tons of other worthy causes if you want to branch out, and you could volunteer directly with hospitals and orphanages and domestic violence victims if you wanted to make a greater impact. - Mar 2017

MANY -- Pan de Vida serves meals twice a week and is always welcoming help, after the earthquake in April there have been many trips out of the city to help rebuild. As mentioned above there are many opportunities to volunteer-teach ESL. - Sep 2016

Plenty, the poverty is noticeable when in some areas of the city. - Aug 2014

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