What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Most US Embassy families send their children to Academia Cotopaxi. Overall the school is more than acceptable but it does get mixed reviews from parents (some say children are not pushed enough whereas others report that the literacy program is terrific so do your research). There are other international schools to check out and a few families have chosen the French school or a Christian-based school both of which I've heard positive things about. There are still more international schools with good reputations if you are willing to drive farther. - Jul 2019

Great. Most kids go to Cotopaxi International school right by the main embassy neighborhood. For the lower grades it seems to be great. Activities after school. Baseball in the fall on weekends. Activities during the year. We have no complaints. Older kids may experience some issues but from what I can tell bullying and exclusion is far less here than other schools in Latin America. My son has friends from all over. There is also a Christian international school that some kids go to and seem to be happy with. - Jul 2018

I have NOT been impressed with the international schools here. There are 4 main schools that people from the USA usually consider: Academia Cotopaxi, Alliance Academy, Colegio Menor and Colegio Americano. Right off Americano and Menor are mostly wealthy Ecuadorean, and Spanish is the only language of "the playground" even if instruction is in both. Alliance is faith-based and going through some changes making it a bit unstable at the moment but will strengthen again in a year or so. They offer A.P. courses. Cotopaxi is the most popular with diplomats and offers the I.B. program. - Sep 2016

Quito has several good international schools: Academia Cotopaxi (about 600 students, where most U.S. Embassy children attend), Alliance Academy (an evangelical school), Menor, Condamine (a French-speaking school), a German school, the British School, and Colegio Americano (a more affordable English-speaking school with about 2,300 students). Alberto Einstein and SEK are other options, but they primarily have local kids. - Aug 2015

Multiple schools. - Aug 2015

Several options, most kids attend Cotopaxi Academy. There are options though so consult the CLO. - Aug 2014

Most people with kids seemed happy. - Jul 2012

Colegio AmericanoCotopaxiColegio MenorI teach at Colegio Americano. Generally the school is well run and the teachers are motivated. Many of the teachers have Masters degrees. A few are not certified in the U.S. The school is mostly for upper class Ecuadorians. They take several classes in Spanish and half their classes in English. But Spanish is primarily spoken in the halls among the students. I have met a lot of teachers from Cotopaxi. I can't say much about the school, but it has a larger gringo population. It has a good reputation. I don't know much about Menor. - Jan 2011

Most U.S. Mission children attend Cotopaxi International School or the Alliance Academy, though there are French, British and other schools available. We have had a great experience at the Alliance Academy -- experienced, dedicated teachers and accessible, proactive administration. - May 2010

Academia Cotopaxi has a large international student population, including kids from the U.S. Classes are taught in English. - Oct 2009

The Embassy-associated American school has a mixed reputation and there have been management issues in the past. There are other international schools available in the city as well. - Jan 2009

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