What is the air quality like at post (good/moderate/bad)? Are there seasonal air quality issues? Does the air quality have an impact on health?

In North Quito, where the Embassy, school, and neighborhoods are located, is completely fine. As you get downtown and into the historic district there is pollution. - Jul 2019

Some days you see smog but in general quality is good. Just a bit thinner! - Jul 2018

Moderate. Seems to be more of an issue toward the city center. The embassy and housing are in the northern area of Quito where there isn't as much traffic. But you still see a haze some days. - Mar 2017

Good. - Aug 2015

Good. - Aug 2015

Great, thin due to the altitude but very clean (except on the main roads). - Aug 2014

Quito's air quality is quite unhealthy. Diesel-spewing city buses and escolar vans fill the air with exhaust. The long, narrow valley within which Quito is built serves to make this a bit worse. - Jul 2012

Quito' air is not so good. A lot of buses (probably more buses than any other city I've been in) and they all spew exhaust as they chug up the hills. But outside Quito it's beautiful. - Jan 2011

Quito is in a mountain basin and, without strict regulatory controls, the air in the city is polluted. It is worst in the base of the "bowl" and gets better as you ascend. People with respiratory allergies or dedicated runners will be happier living up further on the side of the mountain. - May 2010

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